about me

What started out as a dream on paper at the age of 12 years old slowly became a reality for me in August of 1985 at the age of 17. When I was only 12 yrs old I would draw out  my Mobile DJ rig on paper to see what is was going to look like. Then I began trying to build my own system with the neighborhood kids.


Building switchboards, stands and columns  for lighting etc. I would continue to dream about what my system would be like and work on new ideas all the time. My mom used to tell everybody  kids were always at the house to see Ron’s system.  But she did not mind cause I was home working on my dream that would literally come true one day.


I would visit with a local Mobile DJ at the school dances and we would talk about how my system was coming along and I would say slowly but I’m working on it. I would continue to travel around in the neighborhood doing parties for my friends etc and make a whole $15.00 for playing my records and then use the money to either buy or build something else that could help my dream grow closer to a reality.


Well it finally happened!!  In August 1985 my dad actually went to the Bank and borrowed money to buy my first professional Mobile DJ system..  My Dad worked nights at his job at the time  so during the day he would go around and solicit the business for me  because I was in school.  The events started coming in and the rest is history. I would play for the events along with the supervision of my parents and the clientele continued  to grow.


Here we are 30 years later Muzik Unlimited Productions as one of the largest mobile DJ companies in the area still playing all over the Ark-LA-Tex with sound systems and light shows for any size venue.